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Registrations for the Science on Stage Festival are handled by Certia Oy, Aboa Events on behalf of the local organiser LUMA Centre Finland/University of Helsinki. If you have any questions regarding registration or payments of registration fees, please contact Aboa Events (

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About the organizer

LUMA Centre Finland is a science education network of Finnish universities. Our aim is to inspire and motivate children and youth into mathematics, science, and technology (STEM). To achieve our goal, we develop new methods and activities of science and technology education based on research. Furthermore, we support the lifelong learning of teachers working on all levels of education from early childhood to universities, and strengthen the development of research-based teaching.

The mission of the LUMA Centre Finland network is to reach a high level of know-how in science and technology among pupils, students, and teachers and to ensure a sufficient number of science and technology professionals all across Finland.

So-called LUMA activities have been arranged in Finland since the 1990s. (LUMA is an abbreviation of the Finnish words for natural sciences and mathematics). LUMA Centre Finland began on 8 November 2013 as the umbrella organization for LUMA Centres in Finnish universities and university campuses. It was established also to strengthen and promote their collaboration. LUMA Centre Finland shares the national concern over the level of competence in mathematics, science, and technology as well as the insufficient amount of professionals in these fields.

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About Science on Stage Europe

Science on Stage Europe is a network for STEM teachers focusing on the exchange of best-practice teaching ideas. The ultimate goal is to improve STEM teaching by supporting educators in their professional development and growth.

By spreading innovative teaching concepts among Europe’s science teachers, we enable more students to gain the affordable skills they need for a challenging future and encourage them to consider a career in science, ICT, or engineering.

Since its launch in 2000, Science on Stage reaches about 100,000 teachers and teacher trainers in over 30 countries (extrapolation by country representatives in 2019). A network of National Steering Committees in these countries provides the interface to their national STEM teacher communities. 

Science on Stage Europe is the umbrella organization that supports the 35 member countries with the realization of their activities and helps with the coordination of the national festivals.

Aims of Science on Stage Europe

To improve the quality of teaching in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by…

  • …enabling science teachers to exchange teaching concepts and experience
  • …inspiring and enthusing science teachers
  • …informing teachers about wider scientific research

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Science on Stage Festival

Every two years Science on Stage Europe organizes Europe’s biggest science education festival. Teachers from all over Europe exchange their ideas, projects, and methods at stands, in workshops, and on stage. These ideas are afterward disseminated throughout Europe via follow-up activities.

Teacher Training

To spread these best practice teaching concepts Europe-wide, Science on Stage countries organize teacher training events involving an international project and a national festival project.

Travel Scholarships and International Projects

Teachers from different countries, who participated in the festival, can meet again to continue their work and to develop new joint projects together.

Teaching Materials

Working groups of international teachers develop materials for their colleagues in Europe. Science on Stage publishes and spreads these concepts as teaching materials in different languages, which can be ordered or downloaded for free.

Science on Stage Europe Supporters

Gesamtmetall – The Federation of German Employers’ Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries

Vernier Science Education

Amazon Future Engineer